Team Coaching

Areas where team coaching can be used are: 

  • Poor internal communication (between team members)
  • Poor external communication (between team and its stakeholders and leaders)
  • Lack of cohesion (team not working well together)
  • Poor training (lack of capability to achieve the team goal)
  • Poorly defined roles and responsibilities for team members
  • Poor leadership (lack of direction, vision, purpose or goals)
  • Poor management (poor allocation of resources, lack of prioritisation, lack of planning)
  • Stress (commonly caused as a result of some or all of the above)
  • Low morale/motivation (due to some or all of the above)
  • Absenteeism (due to some or all of the above)

All types of teams benefit from the team coaching process, executive teams, functional and cross functional teams, as well as project based teams coming together for a specific function. The team coaching process is valuable for both managers and team members directly, as it is used to educate members about the nature of teams, elements of a good team, weaknesses to good teamwork and how to mitigate these.