Potential Unlimited strive to provide comprehensive human capital solutions that will unlock human potential in order for companies to deliver on their core business.

About Potential Unlimited

Potential Unlimited, founded in 2007, is an Industrial / Organisational Psychology Consultancy, rendering professional and registered psychological services on primary (proactive) and secondary (reactive) levels of intervention to individuals, groups and organisations. Except for being unique in its all-inclusive professional approach, the services offered by Potential Unlimited are also focussed on ensuring equitable return on investment.

Psychologists working for Potential Unlimited work according to an associate model and are all registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). As a team we are equipped not only to approach challenges holistically, but also to implement tailor-made interventions. The foundation of any successful, profitable organisation lies in the power of the individual and the ability to mobilise their collective potential. Potential Unlimited is passionate about people and in maximising the individuals’ capacity, we believe that team functioning and organisations success will be optimal.


  • We are equipped to approach challenges holistically, implementing tailor-made interventions
  • We believe that the individual is the heart and soul of any organisation
  • We endorse the application of sound, moral and ethical work practises.
  • We believe that mobilising the individual’s potential is vital to sustained organisational existence. 
  • We are passionate about people and we believe in maximising the individuals’ capacity.  


  • Professionalism - Being qualified and skilled, doing what is best for the  individual
  • Openness - Complete transparency
  • Confidentiality - Keeping sensitive and private information undisclosed
  • Respect - Treating people with dignity, a practical demonstration of trust
  • Integrity - Doing as we are saying, walking the talk
  • Quality - Giving the best every time